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Stones At fruitful Trees

Submitted by PastorT on August 12, 2018 - 7:26pm

Persecution Acts Chapter 6-7 

A Mob dragged Stephens out of the city and stoned him. Why?

Stephen was the first victim after Jesus ascension into heaven. there were false winesses and made up accutions made to destory this man.

he was chosen because he was of a good repuation, being full of the Holy Spirit and full of wisdon (Acts 6:3). each word Stphen spoke to the unbeleivers was like a lead weight, pressing down uopn their guilty consciences. When a sinner comes under conviction through hear the gospel one of two things happen. first could be a broken heart of repentace and come to faith in Christ. But sceond is the headen of heart and going deeper in rage and sin because they close their ears and heart to the Holy Spirit.

The reult of of not wintessing or  preath the truth from the pulpit is "no one" is being cut to the heart today. The Sword of the SPIRIT is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing. the Word of God must pirce of hearts today. Stphen went "among the people" boldly speaking God's message. Stephen knew what he beleive and defended to his death.  if there is not stones being thrown at you, then their might not be fruit in your life or you are not wintessing among the people. Think about it?