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Submitted by PastorT on April 1, 2018 - 1:45pm

Easter is more than a empty tomb, its about the price paid in full on the Cross. redemption, forgivness came though Christ when they crucified him. Christ was the spotless sacrifice that was paid so we could obtain eternal life. Jesus conquered death and securing beleivers eternal salvation with His LIFE. How can anyone not be moved? Easter is a earthquake in our lifes, moving us deepy inside. Lord we thank you that Easter is not about one person only, but about all people, that you love and your Salvation are for all who confess with voices, hearts and lives that the tomb is empty becaue You Jesus is risen. I pray this world will know your forgiveness, that lives might be reborn and your name be gloried and for eterntiy. let Christ in your heart, as Lord, and make you a brand -new person to serve only Jesus. Amen